THE 40th KANZE HISAO-HOSEI UNIVERSITY NOH THEATER was awarded to Noh actor Hisa Uzawa.

The prized was established in 1979, in memory of distinguished Noh actor of the Kanze Tessenkai School Hisao Kanze, a year after Master Hisao Kanze untimely demise at the age of 53.
This prestigious prize was awarded to Hisa Uzawa, Noh actor of the Kanze Tessenkai School, in recognition of her achievements in the Art of Noh Theater.
While following strictly the teachings of Master Hisao Kanze, Hisa Uzawa has honed her performing skills, adding her own sharp insights and perceptions of the Art, to attain a high level of artistic excellence in the world of Noh, regardless of gender.

Hisa Uzawa gave an outstanding performance of the esoteric play "Higaki" the 24th of December 2018, demonstrating once more the elegance of her impeccable technique as well as her fine sensitivity in the interpretation of the role, receiving warm applause from the audience.


Noh Actor Hisa Uzawa was born into a Noh family in1949.
Her father, Masashi Uzawa was shite-kata (lead actor) in the Kanze Tessenkai School.
Studied under Masashi Uzawa, Hisao Kanze and Tetsunojo Kanze the 8th.
She debuted on the Noh stage at the age of 3 in the play “Shoujou” and her first performance as shite was in the play “Yoshino Tennin” at the age of 13.
Later she went on to perform, among many others, the main role in “Midare”,
“Shakkyo”, “Dojo-ji”, ”Sotoba Komachi”,”Ohmu Komachi” and “Higaki”, all milestone plays in a Noh actor’s career.
As well as acting in the Kanze Tessenkai regularly scheduled performances, she has been invited in several occasions, to perform and give conferences abroad.
Hisa Uzawa, showing her versatility, also participates in contemporary theater productions.
In 2005 she received the Kawasaki City Cultural Prize.
She presides the "Uzawa Hisa no Kai".
She is an executive Board member of the Tessenkai branch of the Kanze Noh School.
She is a holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Property designation (collective recognition).

She constantly strives to consolidate her position as a Noh actor preparing herself both physically and mentally to meet the constant challenges of her demanding Art.

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